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● Fire Alarms
● Automatic Fire Extinguishers
● Burglar Alarms
● Security Cameras
● Access Controls
● Security Consulting
● License Plate Recognition

● POS Video on Demand (PoSVoD)

With our sophisticated life and safety systems, lives and property are kept protected, helping us to make the world a safer place.


Our self extinguish systems are wisely used in unmanned sites, wind turbines, gas plants marine rooms, vaults and IT rooms and mines.

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ISmart Alarm System

Interactive Smart Mobile Advanced Reliable Technology

Included with your Smarter Package system:


  • Central Station Monitoring

  • Remote control through mobile app, web accessibility

  • Real-time text and email alerts

  • No land-line required (Still works when power or internet is down)

Live Alerts


  • Know what’s happening, the moment it happens – even if your system is

  • Set personal rules for text, email, video or image alerts

  • Receive alerts even when the system is disarmed

  • Works with additional products such as video cameras, locks, garage doors


Optional System Enhancements:

Smoke,Fire, CO Monitoring & Alerts. Safeguard your property and get
real-time alerts for emergencies such as smoke, fire and carbon monoxide
detection. Professional monitoring and emergency response


Image Sensor


  • Keep an eye on what’s happening at your home or business.

  • An advanced motion sensor with onboard camera.

  • Get image alerts sent to your phone when motion is detected, a door is opened, or the alarm istriggered.

  • Peek-in at anytime from your phone, tablet or computer

  • Easy-install, no wires, battery-operated, no broadband required



Lock/Access Control


  • Remotely monitor and control your door locks and check the status at anytime from anywhere.

  • Create lock codes for your staff, clients or visitors and get alerts whenever they unlock the door.

  • Choose to automatically lock the door when you arm your security system.


Garage/Overhead Doors


  • Never worry if you forgot to close the garage door again.

  • Get an alert if you forget to close the garage door when you leave home

  • Remotely control the garage door from anywhere with a mobile app

  • Automatically close the garage when you arm the security system


Video Monitoring


  • Get instant visibility into the events or activities you want to see.

  • Get live-streaming, recorded video and video alerts.  Watch it all right from your phone, tablet or computer

  • Set triggers to capture video and alert you to events

  • See just what you care about – no sifting through hours of footage




  • Automate and control your thermostats remotely.

  • Control and automate your thermostats intelligently

  • Set easy-to-use schedules to automatically control thermostats

  • Remotely adjust thermostats with our mobile app


Lights & Shades


  • Automate and control your lights and shades remotely.

  • Control and automate your lights and shades intelligently

  • Set easy-to-use schedules to automatically control lights and shades

  • Remotely adjust lights and shades with our mobile app


Energy Management


  • Take control of your energy use without sacrificing comfort.

  • Monitor your energy use and see if you’re wasting energy when you’re away.

  • Compare schedules and see which changes help you save money

POS Video on Demand (PoSVoD)


Our PoSVoD analyzesPoint of Sale Data and shows suspicious
transactions along with video evidence. It enables an accurate Audio &
Video review of Cash Register transactions based on several parameters:-
Transaction Time, Transaction Date, Item Sold, Amount Tendered,
Transaction Type - Cash/Charge/ Check, Voids, No Sale, Returns, Discount
Keywords Search, Employee, Transaction#, Receipt# e.t.c
Secured Cloud Service with daily report and/or real-time alert. 1080P/4K
Video/Audio resolutions. Multiple Locations capability.

Licensed & Regulated By: The Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau
Complaints Directed To: P.O. Box 4087, Austin, TX 78773-0001, (512) 424-7293 or, License No.: B19993

Fire Alarm Certificate Of Registration

Texas Department of Insurance, State Fire Marshal’s Office ACR-1949790

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