Video Walls & Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Digital signage is a powerful way to engage with customers, share information, and capture attention. It’s also a great way to give customers something unique and memorable. It captures attention and provides a unique experience that will keep people coming back for more.

The applications are endless. Companies use digital signage at conferences, hotels, corporate offices, stadiums, retail stores, nightclubs, restaurants, malls, airports, churches, and more.

As a leading provider of digital signage and software installation services, we have extensive experience in designing, installing, and servicing projects for franchises at multiple locations across the U.S. We can do the same for you.

One of the many benefits of working with Relax Audio Visual is our extensive network of qualified technicians across the United States. Dealing with one company and one project manager for multiple projects in different cities will save you time and money.

We’re committed to making sure that all of our installations are done right, from the very beginning. We test your system for quality assurance and make sure that everything works seamlessly.

We focus on installing your digital signage right, completing the installation on time, and completing the installation on budget. We care about our reputation and we always want our customers to come back to us for future projects.

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Video Wall

Creating a video wall can have a huge impact on your business. A video wall can make your business stand out from the crowd, which is crucial in any competitive market.

Relax Audio Visual can help you design, build, and install a video wall that’s right for your business and your circumstances.

There are many factors to consider before you install a video wall. Here are a few of the important things to think about to help your company make the right decision.

Video Wall Location

Video walls are everywhere. You can find LCD and LED displays indoor and outdoor. Gas stations. Parking structures. Movie theaters. Restaurants. Hotels. Churches. Conferences.

The location of your video wall will determine what type of setup is best for your situation. If it’s outdoors, that will require a very different setup compared to an indoor installation.

The location will also determine how the video wall can be mounted. Some video walls may need a support system, while others will need to be mounted on wood, concrete, stone, etc.

Video Wall Content

Another important factor to consider is the content for your video wall. Some people use it for advertising. Some people use it for entertainment, aesthetics, atmosphere, digital signage, or to simply give people a bigger and better view.

The type of content could influence the type of video wall you create. The system you use to create and deliver content may require a specific setup for best performance. A video feed might require a different setup than simply displaying images.

Consider what type of content you want to display and that will help you determine the proper setup for your business.

Video Wall Size

Obviously, the size of the space you have for your video wall is another important factor.

The size of your video wall is also closely related to your desired content because the content is created to serve certain formats. When you watch TV, you have some content produced in widescreen format and some content with a 4:3 aspect ratio.

If you want your video wall to look as good as it possibly can, you should make sure your content is displayed in the proper aspect ratio for your content.

Installation, Service & More

Our technician can help you with all of your video wall needs. We can help you design, build, install or service your video wall. Contact us today and let’s talk about your video wall project.

Why Relax Audio Visual for Video Wall and Digital Signage Installation, Inspection, Maintenance, & Repairs?

Relax Audio Visual has a reputation as one of the most experienced and reliable Video Wall & Digital Signage Installation system integrators. We have successfully provided Video Wall and Digital Signage installation and inspection to thousands of businesses in Houston, Sugar Land, Stafford, Missouri City, Katy, Richmond, Fulshear, Weston Lakes, and surrounding areas. We are honored to disclose that our client retention is over 95%.


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